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Reach a Whole New Level with OMAK

“The OMAK team is one of a kind. An incredibly talented, fun loving and intellectually curious group of people that are striving to create a product with practical, long-term benefits to help restaurant owners.”

- Chrishan Perera -

Our Vision

OMAK has been able to establish a name for itself for its unwavering passion for high quality products and
services. At OMAK Technologies, our objective is to revolutionize the restaurant experience for both restaurant
owners and diners. Our software solution provides the ultimate end to end restaurant management service
from the point of reservation to the point of check out.

Company Culture

Our goal at OMAK is to build the kind of IT solutions that let restaurant owners focus on what matters - their customer’s experience - while our solution handles everything else. We achieve this by hiring the best talent and fostering an environment that rewards excellence, experimentation and collaboration. Our ‘knowledge sharing’ sessions embody that. Once a month, a team member has to present an impactful idea or perspective with everyone else. This idea needs to be something that could encourage the rest of the team to re-examine how they approach their own discipline. This is what OMAK is about.

Our Board of Directors

OMAK’s board consist of some of most experienced veterans from various technology industries, each with years of experience in IT, IT management and start-up management. They are the primary force responsible for helping OMAK fulfill its grand ambitions, and their seasoned advice has helped the company overcome obstacles that have trapped much larger contenders. They not only have years of experience, but their perseverance in identifying and capturing markets have been a game changer in pushing OMAK to where it is today. Our directors continuous support will indefinitely push OMAK to be the leading Restaurant Management Solutions provider globally.

Careers at OMAK

A career at OMAK will be challenging and rewarding. We pride ourselves on our multi-talented employees, all of whom can be counted on to apply their skills in novel ways, even when under pressure. While working at OMAK you can expect to get recognized for your work and receive the kind of guidance that will help you grow as a professional. We are also big fans of having fun. From movie nights and pool tournaments, to parties and company outings, we at OMAK really do enjoy having a good time.

International Exposure
Our client roster includes some high-profile international clients. The OMAK team is constantly collaborating and learning to interact with a wide pool of highly demanding international clientele.
Cutting edge technology
We’re constantly looking to incorporate new technologies into our POS. Our team is always interested in helping restaurants keep pace with all the exciting new technologies that are constantly being developed.
Best Industry Practices
Our team is constantly keeping pace the latest industry-standard processes. Working with us will teach you what it takes to excel in your chosen field and develop the skills you need to become exceptional and efficient.
At OMAK, no good deed goes unrewarded. We celebrate excellence and hard work and reward it accordingly. We aim to create a culture of mutual support with a team that constantly strives to break their limits.