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Customer Management Terminal

The OMAK Customer Management Terminal (CMT) is the brains of the operation. Our CMT is a completely integrated solution that allows you to manage all aspects of your restaurant seamlessly and in real-time. From being hosted on Amazon servers, to order indexing for quick entry, to role-based account access, everything about our CMT is designed to minimize inefficiency, costs and mismanagement, while boosting sales and speed.

Cloud based

Our cloud based restaurant management system never overburdens your hardware, allowing you to maintain quick response times throughout the day. Our solution also works offline, allowing your sales to continue until your internet connection is re-established.

Cover Wise Bills

Tie orders to specific customers, instead of recording all orders from a table as one bill, allowing you to instantly combine and separate bills as per customer requests.

Custom Reports

Our custom report builder allows you to make your reports according to your specifications.

Variety Of Payment Methods

Let your customers pay through a variety of payment methods.

Tab Ordering

Our integrated restaurant software allows your customers to order while they wait for their table.

Promotions And Discount Management

Plan your promotions and special discounts in advance.