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Inventory Management

OMAK’s Inventory Management comes with a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage, monitor and control all aspects of your restaurant's inventory. Unlike other inventory management solutions, OMAK’s Inventory Management was built from the ground-up with restaurants in mind. Everything about this module is designed to eliminate pain points and maintain efficient restaurant operations.

Multiple Outlets

Integrate and manage all your outlets through one synchronized solution that caters to the demanding requirements of multi-location inventory management.

Inventory Management

Monitor your inventory at any time and from any device. This allows you constantly maintain your inventory levels and eliminate inefficiency and delay.

Core Ingredients Management

OMAK’s Restaurant Inventory Management solution allows you to set re-order levels to your core recipe ingredients, triggering a notification when your stock runs low, preventing you from ever missing recipe ingredients.

Supplier Management

Monitor and compare all supplier information in an easy-to-compare format, with the ability to easily compare pricing and track orders.

Inventory Details

Track inventory details recorded in multiple units of measurement with no external conversion and computation necessary.

Report Generation

Generate multiple report types including fast moving goods, recipe cost details and stock variance reports.