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Mobile Order Management

OMAK’s Mobile Ordering is a dynamic, efficient and easy to use feature built to stabilize the order-taking process. Mobile Order Management allows you to self-order, order at the table and use multiple payment options. These components all help to minimize the cost of hiring additional staff during peak hours, allowing you to adapt to changing customer needs and operate at maximum efficiency all the time.

iPod Mobile POS Integration

Waiters can take orders on iPods that auto-sync with the POS, eliminating the delay caused by having to manually enter orders into the POS.

iPod KOT

iPods can continuously take orders from multiple tables, which automatically display in the kitchen as Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs), letting waiters focus on customers.

Responsive Design

The most essential POS features are available on the iPod.

Digital Menu

Customers can use the intuitive and pleasant digital menu to place their order while in the restaurant.

Shopping Cart

Patrons can add items to a shopping cart which would automatically sync with the Android POS system.

Cover Wise Bill

Bills can be maintained on a cover wise format, instead of the whole table. This allows bills to be easily split and combined based on customer preference.